Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Top Free Games for BlackBerry

Some of the best free games that you can download on your smart phone are:

Rim Mario is addictive game for your BlackBerry Phone. You can move the Super Mario by track pad or scroll wheel for left and right or for jumping up and down.

Vegas Pool Shark Lite is another must-download game for your BlackBerry. You can sync your shots by using track pad or scroll wheel.

Space Line is the combination of Tetris and Concentration along with some space travel elements. It is a challenging game that charges your mind and tests your thinking.

In Pixilated, you have to change multicolored screen filled into squares. Then you have to turn all the blocks of color present on screen in one color. This game is exciting and addictive on the same time.

 Brick breaker is widely played by professionals all over the world. In this game, you have to destroy the wall of bricks with a bouncing ball and a paddle. This game is very popular among BlackBerry users and is widely discussed on web application services, forums, groups and social media.

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