Monday, 11 March 2013

Testing Website Performance

Below mentioned tools are used by computer support professionals for analyzing website performance:

·        Load Impact:
This tool is very useful for handling website traffic. The data present in graphical form contains information about loading time and number of requests made.

·        Slow Show:
This tool help in collecting page speed, test programs and other related information about website.

It is a free web design tool that provides information about connection, requests, loading time and test your website with many web pages.

·        OctaGate Site Timmer:
You just have to add URL of the website and then it provides the data in the form of statistics of page object, downloading start and ending time and much more.

·        Website Page Analyzer:
This is the most used tool for analyzing website performance. This tool includes information regarding web page, website loading time, size of web page.

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