Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Protect your Smart Phone from Cyber Crimes

Smartphone cyber-crimes are increasing day by day. We use our smart phones to communicate online, internet surfing and downloading applications. The major reason for increase in cyber-crime is the lack of awareness among mobile users to secure their online browsing activities. In this way hackers access data from your phone and use it. Some of the ways by which you can protect your smart phone are:

·        Strong Password:
Create a strong password for your smart phone. Strong passwords are not easier to hack. In case, your smart phone still get hacked then you should deactivate the smart phone by asking your service provider.

·        Upgrades are important:
Being working in the IT support field, I know the importance of installing upgrades to your smart phone. Regular updates help to secure any bugs present in your system.

·        Make Back up of Personal Data:
Making backup of your data is always a secure option. Create back up of your important contacts, files, photos and videos.

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