Friday, 15 March 2013

Testing the Reliability of Your Backups

The importance of timely backup for your computer cannot be denied. Instead of regretting your data once it is lost, you must create a backup that will keep your files safe. Backup system can fail as well therefore it must be checked once in a while to make sure they are working properly. Here are some ways, how you can test the reliability of your back up system:

·        Conduct the test by making it as realistic as possible. This will help you in case you lose your data.

·        You should check your backup system regularly after a month or so.

·        When you make major changes in software or hardware, it can affect your back up in unexpected ways.

·        You can set up a virtual machine and use back up software to restore data.

·        Don’t assume that all of your lost files will work properly after you have restored them. Check those files manually to avoid any other problem.

These steps will help you get through your disaster recovery plan. Still in case of any problems, contact any professional IT services providers in Adelaide.

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