Thursday, 14 March 2013

Online tools to Help You in Managing your Business

Gone are the days when you would have single computer to work on. Now with laptops, personal computers and smart phones, it’s almost impossible to save data at one space. There are many online tools that help you to manage your data at one place and save your data in case of disaster recovery solutions, some of them are:

·        Drop Box:
It is an online file sharing service that save your documents, files and folder and you can access them virtually from anywhere in the world.

·        Tracking your Password:
There are many software’s online that can keep track of your passwords in a secure way.

·        Google Apps:
You can save a lot of your data by using Google Apps. You can save Google spreadsheets, documents, files

·        Saving your Bookmarks:
You can save your bookmarks online now with the help of biggest online bookmarking service- Delicious.

Tell us what online tools you are still using.

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