Thursday, 28 March 2013

Best Apps for Blackberry

BlackBerry users use their smart phones in a better way by using exciting BlackBerry Applications. BlackBerry Apps help users to perform several tasks by using reliable IT support services. BlackBerry Apps vary from games, music, and food genre to news updates, sports and weather updates as well.  Let’s have a look at some of the most eyes catching free BlackBerry Apps.

·         Twitter for BlackBerry App helps you to access your contacts via Twitter, get your major updates, change your color scheme or profile picture, tweet and follow the people you know in an effective and fast manner.

·         Pandora for BlackBerry App is a music App for all the music lovers. By using this App, you can keep yourself updated with latest trends in music industry. You can separate the music according to your genre and moods.

·         Weather Bug for BlackBerry App gives you an insight about local weather updates, camera views, and detailed forecast, weekly and hourly updates.

·         Urban Spoon for BlackBerry Apps helps you to find all type of food in your surroundings. Recommended by food lovers, this App is easy to use and help you to find the right restaurant for yourself according to your food taste, budget and mood.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Top Free Games for BlackBerry

Some of the best free games that you can download on your smart phone are:

Rim Mario is addictive game for your BlackBerry Phone. You can move the Super Mario by track pad or scroll wheel for left and right or for jumping up and down.

Vegas Pool Shark Lite is another must-download game for your BlackBerry. You can sync your shots by using track pad or scroll wheel.

Space Line is the combination of Tetris and Concentration along with some space travel elements. It is a challenging game that charges your mind and tests your thinking.

In Pixilated, you have to change multicolored screen filled into squares. Then you have to turn all the blocks of color present on screen in one color. This game is exciting and addictive on the same time.

 Brick breaker is widely played by professionals all over the world. In this game, you have to destroy the wall of bricks with a bouncing ball and a paddle. This game is very popular among BlackBerry users and is widely discussed on web application services, forums, groups and social media.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Network Design Solutions

Network design does not only mean setting up different cables on your server, instead it means involving network protocols and softwares according to your needs. With best network design solutions, you will give easy to use, versatile network solutions. Network experts look after network needs including future growth for your business. After that these experts assess the existing network and established equipment. IT experts implement the network design solutions one by one.

After proper implementation of the network design, testing period starts. Security threats are one of the major concerns of any business. Properly implemented and designed network design fight from security threats. After implementing network solutions, backup plan is also very important. Contact any good IT solution provider and get your network secure today.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Client Server Solutions

Many businesses solely depend on online presence for the expansion of their business online. One of the major factors that contribute to the online success of any company is dedicated client server solutions. Client server solutions not only require services of one IT support professional but instead a team of professionals to maintain it.

Many businesses prefer to use web hosting services as a part of their management and maintenance team but this option is a bit expensive at the end of team. Contacting a reputable team for client server solution will not only solve the server issues instead control you connectivity and ensure all the foreseen events, power losses and other climatic conditions. By acquiring these services, you can also eliminate external threats and other short comings. Find the best solutions for your business today.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Free Useful Apps for Android (Part II)

Last time we discussed some of the most useful android apps development for users in Adelaide, today I am going to tell you some more apps that will help you while working.

Cam Card Lite:
This app is available in free and paid, both versions. This app support many languages and is great for business card pictures and other virtual images to Rolodex.

Spring Pad:
Spring pad is new in android app market. It is similar to Ever note, as I discussed in the last post. It saves your information like a virtual notebook.

Slide Screen:
This app is working great as it display wide range of information on just one screen. By using this app, you can get all important display on your screen like call, messages, email or calendar.

This app is one of the most popular app among organizer apps. It is quite a useful tool that sync perfectly with Google Calendar. You can easily view to-do list and upcoming events.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Free Useful Apps for Android

There are many applications that android users can download by using application development software. The popularity of an app is decided based on how many times it has been downloaded. Below mentioned are some of the top free useful apps for 2013:

·        Drop Box:
One of the most downloaded and useful app for 2013 is Drop box. Drop box allows you to manage your files and sync them by using your smart phone device.

·        Google Docs:
By using this app, you can download, view and edit Google documents online. You can also send, receive and import new document files.

·        Voice Recorder:
By using this app, you can take notes when you are busy. You can record new ideas, important interviews and also email your recordings.

·        Ever Note:
Ever note is a notebook app that works as an effective reminder. You can save your information, events and can also record images, audio and text.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Testing the Reliability of Your Backups

The importance of timely backup for your computer cannot be denied. Instead of regretting your data once it is lost, you must create a backup that will keep your files safe. Backup system can fail as well therefore it must be checked once in a while to make sure they are working properly. Here are some ways, how you can test the reliability of your back up system:

·        Conduct the test by making it as realistic as possible. This will help you in case you lose your data.

·        You should check your backup system regularly after a month or so.

·        When you make major changes in software or hardware, it can affect your back up in unexpected ways.

·        You can set up a virtual machine and use back up software to restore data.

·        Don’t assume that all of your lost files will work properly after you have restored them. Check those files manually to avoid any other problem.

These steps will help you get through your disaster recovery plan. Still in case of any problems, contact any professional IT services providers in Adelaide.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Online tools to Help You in Managing your Business

Gone are the days when you would have single computer to work on. Now with laptops, personal computers and smart phones, it’s almost impossible to save data at one space. There are many online tools that help you to manage your data at one place and save your data in case of disaster recovery solutions, some of them are:

·        Drop Box:
It is an online file sharing service that save your documents, files and folder and you can access them virtually from anywhere in the world.

·        Tracking your Password:
There are many software’s online that can keep track of your passwords in a secure way.

·        Google Apps:
You can save a lot of your data by using Google Apps. You can save Google spreadsheets, documents, files

·        Saving your Bookmarks:
You can save your bookmarks online now with the help of biggest online bookmarking service- Delicious.

Tell us what online tools you are still using.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Protect your Smart Phone from Cyber Crimes

Smartphone cyber-crimes are increasing day by day. We use our smart phones to communicate online, internet surfing and downloading applications. The major reason for increase in cyber-crime is the lack of awareness among mobile users to secure their online browsing activities. In this way hackers access data from your phone and use it. Some of the ways by which you can protect your smart phone are:

·        Strong Password:
Create a strong password for your smart phone. Strong passwords are not easier to hack. In case, your smart phone still get hacked then you should deactivate the smart phone by asking your service provider.

·        Upgrades are important:
Being working in the IT support field, I know the importance of installing upgrades to your smart phone. Regular updates help to secure any bugs present in your system.

·        Make Back up of Personal Data:
Making backup of your data is always a secure option. Create back up of your important contacts, files, photos and videos.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Smart Phones in 2013

Smart phone revolution is growing day by day and it is keeping mobile app development professionals very busy. Some of the best smart phones for 2013 are:

·        Nokia Lumia:
It is one of the best smart phone for 2013. It is windows OS smart phone with power and camera qualities. It is sleek and perfect.

·        IPhone:
IPhone is coming up with newer versions each day. With its beautiful display and speed, it certainly deserves to be on the top.

·        HTC:
HTC one and one X comes up with great multimedia and processor and enable you to play different games with speed.

·        Google Nexus:
If you want to spend less and own a great phone then Google Nexus is best choice for you. It has 16 GB of internal storage and works great.

·        Samsung Galaxy:
Samsung galaxy is well designed gadgets to satisfy users’ needs.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Testing Website Performance

Below mentioned tools are used by computer support professionals for analyzing website performance:

·        Load Impact:
This tool is very useful for handling website traffic. The data present in graphical form contains information about loading time and number of requests made.

·        Slow Show:
This tool help in collecting page speed, test programs and other related information about website.

It is a free web design tool that provides information about connection, requests, loading time and test your website with many web pages.

·        OctaGate Site Timmer:
You just have to add URL of the website and then it provides the data in the form of statistics of page object, downloading start and ending time and much more.

·        Website Page Analyzer:
This is the most used tool for analyzing website performance. This tool includes information regarding web page, website loading time, size of web page.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Improving Your Website Traffic

Any website can be judged by the amount of traffic it receives. Therefore it is very important to know how you can increase your website traffic by using simple tools. Some of these tools are:

·        Google Site Search:
Every website has a search box from which you can browse the contents of the website. This tool helps users to search on their website just like they do on Google. It also help user to find the required data without wasting much time on navigation.

·        Crazy Egg:
This tool helps visitors and users to interact with the website. It tells what part of the website, user is clicking. This tool helps SEO experts who are using SEO services and developers to realize what is more browsed on website than other.

·        Kampyle:
This tool collects the user behavior and feedback about a particular website. This help to collect user’s experience in making website better

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Cyber Safety – Major Concern for Businesses

Most of our businesses are shifted to online businesses as a part of business expansion and ever growing business demands. Because of the high business demands, risk is also higher than usual. Cybercrimes are increasing day by day and therefore cyber security is very important part of online businesses. Nearly 50% percent of companies believe cyber threat as their major security concern.

Many viruses, malwares and applications installed cause loss of company’s data. Mobile apps are also considered easy to hack and much prone to hackers.  If you rely mostly on online business, then you must hire some professional computer support services that can make back up of your data in case of any loss. You can also use safety measures like installing and antivirus and updating applications from a reliable source only. You can also educate your staff about possible threats and tell them to adopt safety precautions

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Strengthening your Wi-Fi Signals

Wireless world is the persisting concept for 2013. Many wired set ups have been completely replaced by using wireless solutions. Wi-Fi routers or wireless access points transmit data without any wires. Below mentioned are some of the ways to strengthen your Wi-Fi signals:

·         Location is very important factor to strengthen waves and signals. Place router in the center of the room so that it can be reached from various places.

·         Focus on the signals. You can make your signals strong by making a Wi-Fi booster by using a can.

·         Change the channel frequently. Wi-Fi routers transmit and receive channels.

·         Install a firmware or let it install by some IT support professional and update the drivers.

·         Enhance your signals. Use some other antenna or router to extend its signals and reach.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Adobe Flash Reader Update

Adobe issues emergency updates for its flash player to detect and fix the other threats. These updates have affected all the other versions including Windows, Android and Linux. The major virus was hitting people because of opening a Microsoft Word document by using flash content that contained virus. Another virus pops up by tricking you to visit a website that is hosting malicious flash content. There are many versions of flash that are directly affected by this virus and the IT support team at Adobe flash is constantly updating their blog and other related information to help its customers.

Adobe flash player is standard for delivering high quality web content, designs and animation details for all platforms, browsers and encourage users for a rich website experience.