Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Smart Phones in 2013

Smart phone revolution is growing day by day and it is keeping mobile app development professionals very busy. Some of the best smart phones for 2013 are:

·        Nokia Lumia:
It is one of the best smart phone for 2013. It is windows OS smart phone with power and camera qualities. It is sleek and perfect.

·        IPhone:
IPhone is coming up with newer versions each day. With its beautiful display and speed, it certainly deserves to be on the top.

·        HTC:
HTC one and one X comes up with great multimedia and processor and enable you to play different games with speed.

·        Google Nexus:
If you want to spend less and own a great phone then Google Nexus is best choice for you. It has 16 GB of internal storage and works great.

·        Samsung Galaxy:
Samsung galaxy is well designed gadgets to satisfy users’ needs.

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