Thursday, 29 November 2012

Tips for Professional Logo Designing Services

Logo is the first impression of your business that you create on others. It gives a glimpse of what your business is all about. Logo designing is very important as it gives over all look to your business. Well-designed logos attract customers as well as retain them.

A logo should communicate and give message to its customers about what is the real business. Choose something creative as a logo that has not been used before. Be creative, you can use some logo searching on internet, it will guide you on how to design your own logo. In case you are confused and cannot come up with any ideas then you can contact any logo web design service provider and design a customized logo according to your business needs.

After designing logo by yourself, you can have feedback from your customer or if you are designing it from someone else then you can always give him good or bad feedback about the logo.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Good Bye Microsoft Windows Live Messenger

Reports from Microsoft have confirmed that Windows Live Messenger is coming to an end because of Skype. Skype has more than 280 million users whereas Microsoft has 180 million users and because of that, Microsoft has decided to optimize the cost of server running for example IM (Instant Messaging) system.

Microsoft officials believe that currently Skype is fulfilling all the needs of internet users such as video calling, audio calling plus IMs that’s why Microsoft team has decided to merge Windows Live Messenger and Skype. With new Skype 6.0 release, now you can log in to Skype by using your Windows Live Messenger and import all the contacts and details. It is also predicted that Skype will also offer some free credits to those users who will switch from Microsoft to Skype.

One thing is for sure, I will definitely miss the Windows Live Messenger as I have used it for a long long time. It is among the pioneers of chatting and has introduced IM that is followed by many companies including Yahoo, AOL.

Good Bye Live Messenger, we will miss you…

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Project Management Services

Project management services increase efficiency of the organization. These services are very helpful for any IT service provider or outsourcing firm.

Project management services save your hiring cost. Hiring project management consultants for each project may be costly for you as they charge clients according to the number of transaction instead of the whole project. Besides cost effectiveness, these firms also offer support and regularly improve and update client’s services. These companies also conduct regular training and mentoring sessions to update their team with technological assistance. Many IT companies have realized the importance of having an in-house project management team and have invested a lot in this department. In this way they work effectively and efficiently to bring continuous improvement in their team.

Before choosing any project management services, always check their expertise, portfolio and their troubleshooting factors. The best project management services will give you timely feedback, provide 24/7 support and will have proven track record of successful projects.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Help Desk Support

It becomes irritating at times when little things do not work right for you, despite all your efforts. It does not only waste your time but also waste your energies and productivity. If you feel your business is landing in the same situation then call out help desk support. Help desk support offers a team of highly committed and dedicated individuals who provide you with effective and top quality customer support for small, medium and large organizations. These services help organizations to focus on their core businesses instead of technology support and management issues.

Help desk solutions offer spectrum of services including Call Center services, Engineering solutions, BPO (Business process Outsourcing), data entry services, financial services, health care services, web analytics, and development & research services.

Major subheads of help desk outsourcing are:

·         Software Compliance.
·         E commerce and website outsourcing.
·         Web hosting application.
·         Network support.
·         Hardware support.
·         Asset and Risk management.
·         Virus protection and planning.
So if you find that your issue cannot be resolved, hire help desk team to assist you. 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disaster recovery solutions is a plan that every business or organization needs to survive any virus attack. This recovery plan helps you from losing all of your data in case any accident happens. Daily, thousands of computers get corrupted but many organizations have no backup plan to save their data. A good data recovery plan will save all your important data. This plan will establish a copy of all your important data; it will set up emergency backup in case of hardware failure. Plan – B will operate in case of data failure.

In this case, selecting a right disaster recovery service provider is very important.  A good disaster recovery solution will prevent data from damage, it will reduce the chances of data loss and in case of data loss, it will help you to recover data and store data to a new location. Disaster recovery solution is very effective for any company to stay in business.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Internet Services on the Go

Internet world has transformed and changed the lives of many in a positive way. With internet, new means of communication like email, chatting, blogging and face booking are very much in trends nowadays. With the help of these connections, you can connect to your family, friends and colleagues simultaneously. All the information that you need now is just few clicks away from you. You can also shop online now by using e-commerce and marketing techniques.

To provide you with accurate search results and to facilitate you with quick and smooth information, search engines are created. These search engines open up different websites for you as per the information you require. You can also download your favorite songs and movies from internet at high speed and good quality. This is possible because of high bandwidth and variety of frequencies that allow you to transmit great amount of information. Acquire internet services today and connect yourself with the world.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Web Design Trends 2012

A good webdesign has great power and enough potential to make the user stay for some time.There are so
many techniques that are used to enhance the look and feel of your website.Here are some latest web design
trends for the year 2012:

  1. There is a rising trend towards the use of rich typography.This plays a major role in enhancing the appeal of the webdesign.

2.Placement of large rich photographs in the background.The fashion industry websites are the most suitable  for this trend.

3.Solid blocking really has alot to do with the great web design. Pinterest is a very good example of how solid blocking can attract the grab the attention of a large target audience.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Release of Google Maps App for iOS 6 at the end of 2012

The latest news circulating the IT world is that Google maps app for the iPhone and iPads will be
ready by the end of this year.However still there are doubts that whether apple will be willing to
purchase the application from Google or not.

iOS 6 3D Maps

Apple opted for its own 3D mapping solution for iOS 6 which faced massive criticism from the
iPhone 6 users.This was due to the fact the application was not at all user-friendly and generated
irrelevant results.

Keeping in view the rivalry between Google and apple for capturing the mobile market,apple
might not purchase the app.Lets see whether Apple places the customized Google maps in its
app store or not!

Applications have alot importance in the IT world and companies must ensure the have enough
application development expertise and also get it reviewed thoroughly before a final release.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Google and Apple now with 700000 Android Applications

Well today I am going to share big news with you. After many successful milestones, Google has reached another milestone and this one is the most important news for Apple too.

The big news is: The number of applications that were available for android was 675000 previously and now they have reached total figure of 700000. The number of application development that are being offered by an operating system is very important factor to attract users. In this world of tough competition, Google has catch up more quickly than Apple. If we compare the apps, Microsoft stated that now it has 120000 apps for its windows phone. Well this is too much for a company in the world of Androids.

Good luck Google Team, way to go J