Thursday, 8 November 2012

Release of Google Maps App for iOS 6 at the end of 2012

The latest news circulating the IT world is that Google maps app for the iPhone and iPads will be
ready by the end of this year.However still there are doubts that whether apple will be willing to
purchase the application from Google or not.

iOS 6 3D Maps

Apple opted for its own 3D mapping solution for iOS 6 which faced massive criticism from the
iPhone 6 users.This was due to the fact the application was not at all user-friendly and generated
irrelevant results.

Keeping in view the rivalry between Google and apple for capturing the mobile market,apple
might not purchase the app.Lets see whether Apple places the customized Google maps in its
app store or not!

Applications have alot importance in the IT world and companies must ensure the have enough
application development expertise and also get it reviewed thoroughly before a final release.

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