Monday, 18 March 2013

Free Useful Apps for Android

There are many applications that android users can download by using application development software. The popularity of an app is decided based on how many times it has been downloaded. Below mentioned are some of the top free useful apps for 2013:

·        Drop Box:
One of the most downloaded and useful app for 2013 is Drop box. Drop box allows you to manage your files and sync them by using your smart phone device.

·        Google Docs:
By using this app, you can download, view and edit Google documents online. You can also send, receive and import new document files.

·        Voice Recorder:
By using this app, you can take notes when you are busy. You can record new ideas, important interviews and also email your recordings.

·        Ever Note:
Ever note is a notebook app that works as an effective reminder. You can save your information, events and can also record images, audio and text.

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