Thursday, 7 March 2013

Improving Your Website Traffic

Any website can be judged by the amount of traffic it receives. Therefore it is very important to know how you can increase your website traffic by using simple tools. Some of these tools are:

·        Google Site Search:
Every website has a search box from which you can browse the contents of the website. This tool helps users to search on their website just like they do on Google. It also help user to find the required data without wasting much time on navigation.

·        Crazy Egg:
This tool helps visitors and users to interact with the website. It tells what part of the website, user is clicking. This tool helps SEO experts who are using SEO services and developers to realize what is more browsed on website than other.

·        Kampyle:
This tool collects the user behavior and feedback about a particular website. This help to collect user’s experience in making website better

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