Thursday, 10 January 2013

Ubuntu Operating System for Android Phones

The Linux based Ubuntu operating system will now allow users to run desktop application on their android phones. This update will be initially available to be installed on Samsung’s Galaxy Android phone. This technology will give you full consumer PC Platform on your Android Phone. There are 50000 native apps for the system like Adobe Photoshop, Office suite etc. For different touch based controls, Ubuntu has adopted the QML (QT modeling language) framework used by Blackberry. Ubuntu can also run web apps that have adopted HTML 5 language. Ubuntu has also developed the head-up-display option on these phones.

It is a powerful mobile app development that will combine software and hardware together. Ubuntu is the most popular operating system based on Linux kernel. It has helped thousands of volunteers who have contributed to open source project. Android phones running this software will be shown in Consumer Electronics Show.

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