Thursday, 3 January 2013

Laptop Usage at Workplace

Laptops were introduced in market more than 30 years before. However there is strong market of laptop as compared to desktop users. Many companies have issued laptop to staff workers replacing noisy and cranky desktop computers. Although desktop computers are most costly than laptops, still they are better in many ways. Some of the benefits are:

·         Enhanced Productivity:
You can use laptop in official meetings and presentations. You can note down important points during group working sessions.

·         Less Power:
Designed to be power efficient, laptops pump out less heat and use less power than desktop computers. They also reduce your electricity bills.

·         Flexible Work Place:
Laptop makes it much easier for employees to move easily, making the workplace more flexible. Working remotely is also another benefit of laptops that means employees can work even from their homes in case of emergency.

·         Wireless Office:
There is no need of wired computer networks if you are working on laptops. You can use wireless IT support connection for sharing files or documents.

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