Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Technology Predictions in 2013

2013 is definitely the year of technology. With latest advancement in technology, some of the predictions are:

·         Television:
If you buy TV in 2013 then you will surely have highly integrated internet connectivity with voice or touch control. You can also take advantage of dual video screen feature.

·         Gadgets:
Different new gadgets like smart glasses that can connect you to internet and deliver head up display will be available in mid of 2013.

·         Internet:
Social media is becoming stronger day by day. It is predicted that a lot of advertising will be seen on social media platform.

·         Cell Phones:
4G mobiles will be the specialty of 2013. The new application development  EE service will come with high prices, limited connectivity and will not be compatible on iPhone 5.

·         Security:
With the advent of android and windows phone, data security is becoming important day by day. In 2013, it is predicted that hackers will target cloud services. 

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