Monday, 21 January 2013

Selecting the Best Web Developer

It’s a difficult job to choose the best developer among so many potential candidates. Web developers are the most demanded people around the globe whether they are doing full time job or free lancing. Here are some three simple tips to choose the best web developers:

·         The Most Important Factor – Logic:
Web developer should be judged for the logic he can present. The evaluator should indulge him in trial and error and then ask him to apply the logic. The best candidate will handle the situation wisely.

·         Technical Expertise:
A developer should be tested by giving a coding test. He should be given a development framework in which he has to create the code. In this way, you can analyze the capabilities of the candidate.

·         Team player:
The ideal candidate should be a team player. He should know how to work under pressure along with other developers.
With the growing demands in web development industry, web design and application specialists are difficult to find. By following the proper procedure, you can hire the best candidate.

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