Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Smart Phones and Data Security

Smart phones are accessible by everyone. With these smart phones, you get a pocket size device that has good processing power and computer support to connect you in Adelaide through internet. Now with smart phones, you have a full computer in your pocket. Many people now understand the importance of data security in desktops and laptops but they fail to take precautionary measures in keeping the data safe on their smart phones. In case, your smart phone gets stolen, the thief can get instant access to all your personal and work email and contacts.

Here are some tips on how you can protect your smart phone:

·         Set up a security password on your smart phone, in this way your phone cannot be unlocked and your data will remain safe.

·         Add username and password to your files for example word documents; excel sheets and other important documents.

·         Get a mobile tracking application. This feature locates where your phone is.

·         Make a backup of your data including documents and contacts is also a safe idea.

·         Install an antivirus that will protect your data from malware or viruses.

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