Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Some Simple Tips on How to Speed up your PC

One of the most common complaint lodged to our IT Services Providers in Adelaide is the speed of PC. Many people believe that when the computer starts to slow down, it is bugged by some virus or it is the time to buy a new PC. However this is not the case, today I will tell you some effective and reliable ways to increase speed of your PC without spending much time and money:

·         System’s Memory:
First of all, check your computer system’s memory. Click on the properties icon to check that. If it is less than 1G then you must update your RAM to 2G.

·         Uninstall Programs:
Uninstall those programs that you no longer need. Do this from control panel setting. It will also make space in your system.

·         CC Cleaner:
CC cleaner is an effective tool to clean up all your cookies and data. It removes useless files and improve your computer speed immediately.

·         Defragment your PC:
You should regularly defragment your PC. It will remove all the fragmented files and then clean up your computer space.

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