Wednesday, 6 February 2013

IT Support Services – Computer Virus

Computer Viruses damage thousands of Pc each day. These viruses are responsible for damaging important data files and resulting in panic and data loss.

Computer viruses do not just crawl out of your computer at night when you sleep, but they are actually type of computer program that damage your computer software and hardware. Viruses copy themselves and spread like a disease form one computer to another by the architecture of computer system.
In the beginning of internet era, computer viruses can be only spread by using floppy disks but now every computer is connected to the world of internet that can help spread virus more quickly than any other medium.

Many IT support services professionals have distinguished different type of viruses and other type of malicious software. These malwares include worms, Trojan and spyware. It is the best way to install anti-virus software to avoid virus in your PC.


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