Monday, 10 December 2012

Website Trends that will Rule 2013

Each day is bringing new challenges in the field of website design. Many companies are using website design inspired from Aqua Themed OSX. Nowadays developers are using CSS3 and HTML 5 for website development. It has been predicted that in 2013 websites will offer something new and exciting for users.

Some of the future trends to follow in 2013 are:

·         Accessibility and Responsiveness:

In order to succeed in this world of smart phones, web design should be accessible and responsive. It should be user friendly.

·         Attractive:

Retro styles are sensation for web designers in 2013. This style is popular all over the world. Retro or attractive style is about making things resemble with one another.

·         Inspiring:

Authentically digital style is the latest inspiration that will attract web designers in 2013.

·         Social Media Attraction:

Social media trends like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are playing a vital role in attracting users all over.

These are just few trends that will rule the web design world in 2013. However it is very important that website should be user and search engine friendly.

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