Thursday, 13 December 2012

iPhone back with Google Maps

Google is finally back with its iPhone, causing customers to take a sigh of relief. Latest announcement on Google‘s official blog states that this new map apps will be available for more than 40 countries.

Apple was using Google maps as default mobile app developement but changed this service for his mobile operating system update iOS6 in this September. To replace it, Apple introduced Apple maps but was witnessed after few weeks of user complaints that it was full of flaws. Apple maps not only misplaced important places like airport, hospitals but entire cities and leaving Apple users in a chaos.

Though Google maps do not have the same 3D effect that Apple does but at least the locations offered by Google map are accurate. Besides this, Google have added many extra features in Google map that were not previously included like turn by turn navigation, expanding view with much more information including, business centers and restaurants. 

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