Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Google offering backup to Microsoft

Little old news, but for all folks who have missed it, Google has launched new service now by that you can use Gmail for backup of your Microsoft Exchange Server. That service actually helps you to switch to your Gmail server that had been down for maintenance purposes. By using that service you can copy and duplicate all the data that you have on your exchange server. Google aims to shift people from Microsoft and wish to land them on Gmail platform. In this way, Gmail users will increase and Microsoft users may also shift to Gmail.

Google also sync your account with exchange server in case you need to switch among them. If you are a Gmail user and love Gmail then you must not be willing to change your service provider. For new business or SME’s, Google allow up to 10 users that can share their data like data files and calendar note events.
I’m a Gmail user and I personally don’t want to navigate in this storm. I’m happy with the IT support here that I can trust.

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