Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Cloud Computing – Complete IT solutions?

Now a day, you can do just everything in the cloud. Many mails servers like Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo are classified as  cloud computing services because they store all the data and email on internet and you can access it from anywhere in the world.

Cloud computing use IT resources outside your business. It means that instead of accessing your data on a single server, now you can access if from your own central server by just logging into the internet. Some benefits of cloud computing are:

·         Minimize IT Cost:
It minimizes your IT cost like you don’t have to pay maintenance or infrastructure cost. Your cloud computing service providers will work and fix all your IT needs. In this way, IT cost will be reduced.

·         Monthly Subscriptions:
Cloud computing runs on monthly payment method that means you don’t have to spent big amount of money at one time.

·         Extra Storage Space:
When you chose to invest in cloud computing, it means you just rent for a service over internet and they give you extra storage space on your work station where you can work easily.

·         No wait for Upgrading:
In cloud computing, you don’t have to work for upgrades or wait for month. It will upgrade your system with new updates automatically.

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