Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Top Five Free BlackBerry Games

 Mobile phone madness is not going to fade away soon. With new web applications and exciting games, BlackBerry smart Phone still has the potential to keep users hooked up with wide range of latest games and Apps in the world of BlackBerry.

Want to download some challenging and exciting games for your BlackBerry? Look nowhere. Here is our list of best five free games for your BlackBerry phone that will give you happy hours of gaming for absolutely free.

·         One of the most commonly downloaded games by BlackBerry users is Pac-Man. Users are simply addicted to this game. BlackBerry version is the best version of this game that you will ever come across.

·         Second on the list is Ka-Glom. Ka-Glom is a game of falling bricks. In this game, you have to explode other blocks. The more you will explode, the higher your score will be.

·         Blocked Traffic is another exciting game to play on your BlackBerry Smart Phone. In this game you have to move your car towards the destination by overcoming the obstacles. You can change difficulty level from medium to easy or hard and can also change graphic themes.

·         Hangman game in BlackBerry Smart Phone helps you to improve your vocabulary. You just have to input words in the field by using QWERTY keyboard and then you can play in three difficulty levels.

·         Memory game is also popular among kids. With its different level of difficulties, kids can play different challenges.

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