Thursday, 27 September 2012

Gaming with Android Phone – Are you Ready?

Gone are the days when we used to play with Atari or Sega Mega Drive. Today to play a game is to insert a VHS tape similar to watching a movie. XBOX or PS3 are working more than just a game. Your gaming console is your media server, with its ability to store large number of your music and movies on its hard drive. By installing apps, you can access more places like Netflix subscription. You can download and test demos of latest titles.

Beside all other consoles available in market, Microsoft has taken control over all of them by launching Nintendo and Sony. These games are ruling in the android market. One new emerging company is starting off with Ouya. It is a relative new concept of gaming beside others. Square Enix is the other one in market, from the makers of Final Fantasy series. Many more big names in multi media home entertainment are rumored to show around and overcome the new barriers towards entering this market. Lots of them are trying their popular games, to be ported to smart phone platform like Android and iOs. Well, it makes sense to backup android power console.

So gaming freaks, are you ready?


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