Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Top website design trends in 2013

Here are some popular website design trends in the year 2013. The design trends are adopted by most of the website design services providers to improve the user experience.
Reduction in load time through infinite scrolling

In this trend the websites provide infinite scrolling options to users by delivering large amount of content on a single page. This helps reduce the load time and help users get maximum info on a single page.
Improving the visitor experience via content development networks

The content development networks are giving the users an opportunity to use the website with convenience. This is achieved by using less downloadable content on the website to reduce the load times.
Use of parallax design for content presentation

Parallax designs are common and used by the website design professionals to create an amazing visual experience. In parallax design the website has an appearance of a 3 dimensional canvas. The website images move like slides and there is no need of additional pages.

Responsive website design for enhancing the viewer experience
The responsive website designs are in vogue and used by website design service providers for better website usage on all types of devices.


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